The roof of your domestic or commercial property plays a crucial role in protecting its occupants from the elements. As the weather will inevitably often batter a roof, it may sooner or later require repairs or something more extensive, like the kind of roof restoration our Auckland company can provide.

This begs the question: how will you be able to tell when a damaged roof needs to be restored rather than just fixed? Here are some of the warning signs to watch out for.

Water Leaks

One obvious indicator of such a leak would be the drip-drip-drip of water from the ceiling. When this isn’t happening, though, you should still inspect the building’s top floor for yellowish stains or peeling paint — as either can be evidence of episodes of water leakage.

Cracked or Missing tiles

Does your roof have some tiles that are starting to curl? It could only be a matter of time before those tiles go missing entirely. However, if the roof is showing tile damage in various areas rather than just one, getting that roof restored could prove the most cost-effective way to solve the problem.

Moss Growth

Don’t be fooled; moss growing on your roof isn’t merely an aesthetic issue. This moss can actually weigh down excessively on roof tiles and damage them, potentially allowing water to trickle through to interior spaces of the building.

The good news is that regularly cleaning a roof can guard against moss developing on it. If you have acted a little too late and the underlying tiles have already suffered, this would be your cue to consider roof restoration.

Rising Energy Bills

If you have only recently noticed these, it’s possible that widespread gaps in your roof have been letting too much heat escape from inside the property — and necessitating you adjust the thermostat setting to make up for this shortfall.

A Significantly Aged Roof

As time passes, a roof can increasingly accumulate wear and tear. So, would simply the age of a roof be a good guide as to whether it ought to be restored?

As a general rule, if your roof was originally fitted at least two decades ago and has never been restored, the time might be right for you to change that.

Also, roof restoration or replacement can be carried out for a long-run iron roof or corrugated iron roof. The best time to do this is when the iron colour starts to fade, rusty specks start to form, nails or screws start to rust or when moss begins to cover the roof.

If you can’t decide for definite whether restoration or repair is the best option for your roof, you could arrange for a professional to inspect it. We can carry out roof restoration on Auckland homes and workplaces alike; to find out more, give Markus and The Brothers a call on 0800 746 275.