By undertaking roof restoration on North Shore properties, we can help protect their occupants from the elements for years to come.

However, if your roof has only recently been restored, how can you safeguard its condition for the long term? Here are several steps you should take…

Inspect the Attic and Ceilings

One telltale sign of a leak is that dreaded ‘drip-drip-drip’ sound. In many instances, a leak won’t be quite that audible. You might instead be able to trace it by coming across water stains on a ceiling or in the attic.

Make a Regular Habit of Checking the Roof

Yes, you shouldn’t just check the roof, you should check it regularly. That’s because minor issues — like the occasional missing or curled shingle or loose flashing — can worsen if not rectified sooner rather than later.

Remove Leaves and Debris from the Roof

It’s easy to underestimate how quickly dirt can accumulate, but debris left to sit there for too long can lead to mould and algae growing on the surface — and, as a result, damage and discolour it. For this reason, you should get the roof cleaned regularly.

Clean the Gutters

If leaves and debris can get onto your roof, they can also easily be blown into its gutters, contributing to a blockage there. This could be a major problem, as water denied easy passage through the gutters could spill onto the walls of the building, potentially causing water damage.

Melt Ice Dams

Have ice dams formed on the roof? If so, you need to act quickly. It might look pretty when the roof gets coated with snow — but, as that snow melts, the dams will prevent the water from trickling into the gutters. This situation would likely put both the roof covering and the gutters at risk.

The good news is that ice dams can be removed through various means. For example, you could apply a de-icer or install some heated cables.

If You See Damage, Get It Fixed ASAP

Don’t assume that minor damage to the roof couldn’t quickly escalate. Fortunately, we can carry out a wide range of repairs to roofs in the Auckland Region.

What you might need is a roof restoration in North Shore. If the previous restoration was completed by a different company and the roof is showing damage already, please call 0800 746 275 to learn what we could do for you.