How can you tell when your residential or commercial building’s roof needs replacing? You could get a hint if water starts leaking from the ceiling. However, there can also be a few other warning signs, like damage to tiles and flashing on the roof.

If the home or workplace is in North or West Auckland, we would be able to inspect the roof as well as, if you wish, provide you with roof replacement services. Here are several steps involved in getting a roof replaced.

Planning the Roof Replacement  

You will need to set aside enough funds for the project. You should also decide on a roofing material, a choice that will itself be a factor in what roofing contractor you ought to approach.

For example, if you want a metal or long-iron roof, you can rest assured that we at Markus & The Brothers have the kind of specialist expertise the work will require.

Removing the Existing Roof Materials 

This process starts from the top of the roof, as more and more tiles are taken off the roof and subsequently passed down to expose the roof’s ‘skeleton’ — with timbers and tile laths as the ‘bones’ — underneath.

You can trust us with all of this work as well as removing the laths. If we notice that any of roof joists have split or become rotten, we will replace these.

Covering the Timbers with Felt 

In undertaking this work, we will begin at the bottom of the roof, layering the breathable felt so that it covers more and more of the timbers.

Once the roof has been fully installed, this felt will ensure that rainwater penetrating the tiled covering is directed into the gutter and doesn’t make it into any interior space of the building.

Installing the Tile Battens and Tiles

Using galvanised nails, we will fix tile battens in such a way that the tiles will sit in neat, properly overlapping rows. We will attach these tiles to the battens, and check that any tiles set to rest against valleys or roof windows are cut to the appropriate size beforehand.

Taking Care of Lead Work

Soakers and secret gutters are examples of ‘first fix’ lead pieces we will install before covering over with the roof tiles. We can also add any other lead elements the roof requires, such as flashings.

If you wish, we can talk you through all of our roof replacement services if you are considering utilising any for your North or West Auckland property. We would be happy to have a long, in-depth chat with you or you over the phone on 0800 746 275.