When we think of roofing installations, we may think of slate tiles, cement or even rubber – materials that are difficult to paint. But, roof painting services are actually an adaptable and viable method of restoring that ‘brand-new’ appearance to your roof and protecting it from the elements outdoors.

Find out everything you need to know about roof painting services with the help of Markus and the Brothers in Auckland, here:

1. Inspection and preparation

For roof painting with a seamless finish, the inspection and preparation stage is key. A roof must be thoroughly inspected before painting can even begin – leaks, cracks, chipped tiles and other areas damaged should be spotted and repaired. Dirt, debris, moss and algae must also be cleaned away using a pressure washer. This helps to create a perfect, smooth and clean surface for the best roof painting service possible.

2. Selecting the right materials for your roof

At Markus and the Brothers, we are personally well versed in selecting the right high quality paint for your roof. These paints are specially formulated for purpose, and offer certain properties such as weatherproofing and UV resistance – both of which extend the condition and lifespan of your roof.

Every roof is different. The material and the weather conditions where you are may limit the paint formulation or colour that you can choose.

3. Professional-grade application techniques

Hiring a professional for roof painting services makes all the difference, because we have the professional-grade application techniques under our belt to guarantee the best finish possible. Commercial airless sprayers, brushes and rollers are an important part of our toolkit. We work systematically across your roof, and apply multiple coats when required for the smoothest and most vibrant result.

4. Taking the weather into consideration

Unfortunately, roof painting is beholden to the weather. For example, wet and rainy weather is inappropriate for roof painting because – not only is it unsafe for professionals! – but the paint may adhere poorly or run. The most optimal weather conditions are dry and mild for an effective painting and drying process.

5. Drying and Curing

The drying process between coats of roof paint is important. Your roof must remain undisturbed for as long as it takes the paint to cure, which could be up to a few days. These guidelines are established so that your paint dries evenly, remains vibrant, and does not chip as soon as the job’s done.

There are very few roof painting services more thorough or versatile than the kind provided by Markus and the Brothers. Across Auckland, we know how to refresh and rejuvenate roofs of many different materials, with high quality products and equipment that create a finish that looks good and lasts. To find out more about our roof painting services and how we can help you, contact us.