Naturally, a lot of water can find its way onto your home’s roof, leading its gutters to channel much of the liquid away from the building to guard against water damage.

Many gutters are ‘external’, with the gutter affixed at the roof’s low end, allowing any water collected in the pipes to be deposited outside of the building envelope.

However, your home might have what is known as ‘internal’ guttering, where water is sent through troughs built into the roof system. The water is subsequently disposed of through tubes inside the building. So, how can you tell when you need internal gutter replacement in the NZ region of Auckland?

Cracks and Splits 

An internal gutter is recognisable by its ‘boxy’ shape — and is referred to as a ‘box gutter’. Such gutters are often chosen for roofs where external gutters would be impractical or unsightly.

You need to keep in mind, though, that damage to internal gutters can have much worse consequences than what would apply to external gutters. If box gutters crack or split, water could seep into the building and dampen items inside it as well as compromise the roof’s insulation.

Overflowing Water

You could inspect the guttering by yourself. If it is attached to a flat roof of an extension, you might be able to have a good look from out your windows and spot water overflowing from the gutters…

If you do see this even while water continues to flow from the downpipe, internal gutter problems could be to blame. Maybe, when the gutters were originally installed, they weren’t quite angled properly. The installer might have even selected gutters too narrow for the building.

Peeling Paint

Many gutters are coated with paint intended to guard against water ingress. So, you should be concerned if you notice this paint flaking or peeling.

If you can’t safely get close enough to your box gutters to reliably confirm any damage to them, you could ask a professional roofer to check for you.

If you live on the North Shore or in any of the surrounding Auckland suburbs, we would be able to conduct an onsite inspection revealing whether your home needs internal guttering repair or replacement. You can call our locally based team on 0800 746 275.