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What is restoration?

Restoration is an upgrade and rejuvenation of an existing roof and it can be undertaken on various roof types.  There are 3 stages involved in the process of restoration. We offer 10-year performance and 5-year workmanship warranties.

roof restoration
roof restoration

What roof restoration Includes:

Our roof restoration services reinvigorate concrete, long-run and decramastic roofs. Prior to reparations, water-flushing will be carried out on the roof. Followed by a repair stage and finished off with a refreshing paint-colour of your choice.

How we restore concrete roofs:

We deal with concrete roofs by replacing cracked tiles and repointing its bedding. In the case of long-run iron roofs, missing nails will be replaced, loose screws will be fastened and exposed-joineries will be sealed. With decramastic roofs, we will treat rusts, pin down nails and have a go at the many dents that it commonly sees.

Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repairs.

Our team will also provide recommendations on your homes Gutter conditions and the appropriate maintenance required. 

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