Good quality roof installation is vital to protect your roof replacement investment. This article explores what to expect when getting your roof restored as well as the five steps of your roof replacement.

 1) Getting your property prepared 

First things first, usually around 24 hours before your replacement, the roofing materials will be delivered to your house by your roofing contractor. These materials must be kept in a dry area. 

After this, it would be a good idea to move your vehicles out of the way of your driveway to a safe place. This will allow you to come and go as you please, as well as protect your vehicles from debris which might possibly fall from the roof during the restoration. 

Next, you or your contractor should prepare your home for the roof tear-off by covering anything necessary that needs protection.  

2) Your roof will be torn off & gutters cleared 

Your contractor will tear your roof off section by section. Along with this, your gutter will be cleaned, getting rid of any debris or blockages. 

Once part of the roof has been torn off, some of the restorers will begin installing the new roof, whilst the others will continue to tear off the remains. Not only does this save time, but it reduces the traffic on the job.  

3) Installation begins 

Now is the time for your roof to be replaced. Your roofing contractor will begin installing the roof using the method of your choice, working their way around the roof, following the sections which have been torn off. 

For the best installation, you need to hire a reliable installer as well as use good quality materials.  

4) Cleaning things up  

Once your roof has been restored, your installer will clean up any mess made by the process. This might include blowing out the roof and your gutters to get clear any debris. The debris will then fall to the ground where it will be properly cleaned up. 

Your property will be left spotless as if the contractors were never there.  

5) Finishing up 

Once everything has been cleaned to an immaculate condition, the quality of your new roof will be double-checked. Any areas which are prone to leakage will be checked that they are properly protected. 

Finally, you will be left with a brand-new roof. 

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