So, your roof is looking a little worse for wear, and you may be experiencing some leaks. You essentially have two options available to you: repair or replace your roof. How do you know which is the right option for you?

As providers of roof replacement services in Auckland, we can give you a few helpful tips for determining whether your roof needs to be replaced or repaired.

The Age of Your Roof

Take into consideration that most roofs last around 15 years or so. If your roof is only a few years old, then it is more than likely that a repair job will be sufficient.

The Extent of the Damage

If your roof has suffered a severe storm or perhaps had a tree fall onto it, it may have extensive damage. In these cases, the age of your roof does not matter. Assess the extent of the damage when determining which option is right for you.

What Are Your Future Plans?

How long do you plan to stay in your current home? If you plan on selling the home soon, you will fetch a much better price if your roof is in good working order.

Think About Your Budget

Perhaps you aren’t able to fully replace your roof right now. If that is the case, then a repair may be done to tide you over. Keep in mind that you should start saving toward your eventual roof replacement, especially if this was advised by a professional.

Listen to What the Experts Have to Say

If you’re still uncertain whether roof replacement or roof repair is the right option for you, you may want to call in the experts and hear what they have to say about the condition of your roof. If you aren’t experienced in home maintenance, it may be difficult for you to assess the damage to your roof properly.

Consider Partial Roof Replacement

If you are still unsure which option is best, your roof may be a good candidate for partial replacement, especially if there is just one area of your roof that has received extensive damage.

Are you looking for roof repair or roof replacement services in Auckland? Here at Markus and the Brothers, we specialise in the repair and replacement of roofs made of concrete tiles, corrugated iron and long run iron. If you feel as though your roof needs some TLC, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today!