A sturdy roof can keep you and your family safe and feeling secure. Firstly, you need to know what to look out for on your roof, before deciding whether it’s time to replace it.

1) Cracks, holes or splits 

Often flat roofs in particular find themselves with cracks, holes or splits along the roof’s edge which results from extreme weather conditions. This damage causes water damage in effect, leading to leaks in your home. This is a valid sign that your roof needs replacing as soon as possible. 

2) Missing tiles or slates 

Missing tiles or slates need to be replaced vitally as they can lead to water or other types of damage if left unreplaced. 

3) Daylight filtering through 

Again, if you spot any gaps where the sun is filtering through your roof then this implies that there is damage to your roof, and it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. 

4) Saggy or droopy spots 

Droopy or saggy spots on your roof suggest that your decking has been weakened from moisture, and therefore you will need a roof replacement. If you walk along your roof and it feels bouncy or spongy then this implies that the roof needs to be replaced. If looking at the roof implies it looks droopy in any way then do not walk across it for your own safety. 

5) It looks like a greenhouse 

Plant life can be damaging to your roofing materials because it can cause unwanted animals to move in up there. If your roof appears to be vegetated, then perhaps you only need the guttering to be cleaned. However, your local roofing company will be able to access whether it is a gutter cleaning you require or if the roof needs to be replaced entirely for your own safety and protection. 

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