Maintenance of any property is vital to its long-term durability and preservation. Commercial properties are no different, even though they may be constructed of harder-wearing materials. Regular maintenance will prevent damage and long-term deterioration of the property, especially after storms.  

How Often Should a Roof Be Inspected? 

Without any major trauma, you should aim to get your commercial roof inspected twice per year. This will help spot any issues before they become serious or cause further damage. This could lead to the need for a roof replacement prematurely.  

While twice per year is the norm, you should also be aware of any incidents that might require further investigation. If you experience any storms or bad weather, it is always a good idea to give the roof an inspection. Although the materials are resilient, they can get damaged in severe weather.  

When Should Repairs Be Carried Out?  

Ideally, you should aim to get repairs carried out on your commercial roof in the spring and autumn. These are the least extreme when it comes to weather and are often called transitional seasons.  

Routine work should be carried out at these times, however, urgent repairs will need to be done when they occur. Scheduling these repairs will also give you time to take any safety measures with staff and customers.  

When Should the Roof be Replaced?  

Commercial roofs typically last 20 to 30 years before they need to be replaced. Roof replacement will often depend on the type of material used and the condition of the roof. In areas where you get more extreme weather, this timeframe may be shorter.  

You will need to consider any safety issues relating to staff and customers during the work, and weather conditions. There are a few materials to choose from, all with their own unique capabilities. You should choose a material that will give you the best protection for your area.  

Together with the roof, it is also a good idea to check the guttering around the building and replace that if needed at the same time.  


Maintaining the roof on your commercial property is a vital investment to ensure no damage is done to the rest of the building or your equipment inside.