When choosing the colour you should paint your roof, the choice can become quite overwhelming. You want to choose something that creates an appealing first impression for your guests and a colour that you will be happy coming home to every day.

As experts in roof painting in Auckland, here are some of the best tips we can provide you with when making this important decision.

The Colours Of Your Walls

The colours of your walls play quite an important role in deciding what colour roof will look good with them. Use the table below to get an idea of complimentary roof colours that could go alongside popular wall colours.

Wall Colour Potential Roof Colours
Beige or Cream Blue, Green, Blue, Brown or Black
Brown or Grey Blue, Green, Brown
White Almost any colour will look good
Wood Grey, Green, Black, Brown

The above is just a guide to give you some ideas. The decision is always up to you!

A good idea is also to incorporate the roof colour in the doors, window panes and gates of your home to tie it all together.

If You Want To Blend In Or Stand Out

Do you want to blend into the other houses in your neighbourhood and maintain a low profile, or do you want to make a statement and stand out with something completely different?

Certain neighbourhoods and heritage houses may have particular regulations regarding what colour you paint your roof and walls. This is especially true of homes in gated communities.

Resale Value

There are roof colours that the general public likes more than others. By picking a ‘safe’ colour, it may be easier to sell your home at a later stage.

Paint Prices

Not all paint colour prices are the same. In fact, some are quite a lot more than others. If budget is important to you, this should definitely be taken into consideration.

The Weather Where You Live

When picking a roof colour, you should also keep in mind that a darker roof will keep your home warmer as it absorbs heat, while a lighter roof colour will keep your home cooler as it deflects heat. So think about the weather where you live when making this decision.

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